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Ethnic Foods for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Remember those days when indoor dining was still a reality in 2020? Walking down New York’s 6th Avenue, after leaving the Central Park Zoo. Finding yourself next to an iconic New York City gem called the Russian Tea Room. Maybe you’ve always been interested in Russian food, maybe you remember that one date Carrie had from Sex in the City, but something about the day makes you curious and leads you into the Art Deco rooms for brunch. 

Your seated at your table and handed a menu by a charming waiter who asks if you would like to hear the specials. Remember those times? Suddenly you are transported into a world of new flavors, textures, and delights. Plates full of blinis with caviar, dumplings with potatoes, and pickled vegetables arrive and you find yourself on a culinary adventure; each plate telling a different story. For a moment, time stands still and as you savor each new bite, it’s as if you’ve been transported halfway across the world. All of a sudden you’re riding on the Tran Siberian railway, enjoying breathtaking views and mouthfuls of adventure. Remember those days? 

Well, who says they have to end just because indoor dining is no longer an option. Yes, 2021 may have us spending more time at home, and less at the restaurant. But that doesn’t mean the adventures can’t be on your New Year’s resolution list! Here at Mamtakim Inc, we are helping bring the world to your local store, so that adventure is always waiting for you at your kitchen table. A quick subway ride to Cherry Hill Market located in Brooklyn, NY brings you to the haven of Eastern European Ethnic food.

Mamtakim – Eastern European Ethnic Food Distributor

Whatever ingredients needed for your ‘travel from home’ dish can be found. Check out our packaged frozen dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms from our partners ‘Traditsii Vkusa’ for a taste of rustic country cuisine. If fine dining is what you crave, pick up a can of black gold, our Black Caviar of Paddle Fish. Or if you’re just looking to have a friendly traditional Russian drinking game over Zoom with friends, be sure to stack up on our ‘Uncle Vanya’ Russian Style Assorted Vegetables, and drink as the Russians do.

New Year 2021 may have started differently than we are used to, but new experiences make life exciting, and new dishes brought to the kitchen table make for great new memories. 

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