Dried Fruit Compote

Dried fruit compote is one of the healthiest drinks ever. At its simplest, a compote is a beverage that has been made with fresh or dried fruit that has been cooked in water with sweet syrup and spices. Since 18th-century compote is a traditional drink for Eastern Europe and Russia. Although in its homeland, in France, it appeared much earlier in the form of fruit purees.  

Take a look at the perfect timesaving recipe of the compote with no sugar added!


You will need (4 serves):

·        4 cups hot water;

·        8 ounces dried candied apples, pears, and plums.

 Cooking instructions:

Combine 4 cups of hot water with the dried fruit in a large bowl. Let soak for 1 hour until the fruit has softened. Strain it into a bottle, set it aside to cool. Serve warm or cold.


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